2020 Conference Agenda

“System of Systems”

The PrecisionAg® VISION Conference as it approaches its fourth edition January 14-16, 2020, finds the North American precision agriculture / digital farming sector with a more wholistic view than ever – but pulling together the many data-linked pieces requires a fix of remaining bugs and gaps in the system. In Seattle you’ll learn the latest in the mission-critical areas that will drive ag technology the next 2-3 years. 

Imagery: Is Ag’s Future in the Sky?

Whether by drone, fixed-wing, or satellite, remote sensing is taking quantum leaps in accuracy, interpolation, and predictive analytics. But timeliness and usability remain bugaboos. You’ll leave with a sense of how central imagery can be to crop production.

Clean and Easy: Data’s Next Step

Mission accomplished: Nearly everyone agrees it’s important to capture real-world field data. But what if it’s dirty data? Or unwieldy to handle and make use of? Hear from experts who think not only that data is the new “oil” but that it also can be readily refined.

Robotics and Automation in the Real World

Never mind autonomous vehicles and unmanned fields – most of agriculture will be happy just to shed the industry’s most expensive, repetitive, dangerous, and backbreaking operations. You’ll learn about practical solutions and how they fit into the bigger, longer-range picture.

Precision Application and Crop Protection

So-called “see and spray” and drone/UAV technologies threaten to upend a half-century-old model of crop protection application. How real is the threat? You’ll get a better understanding of how near the impact is and what the ramifications may be. 

Crop Input Development: Precision’s Current and Future Impact

Many crop input suppliers are now deep into precision technology and digital farming. What does this mean for the farmer service model? For crop input distribution? For the R&D pipeline? Hear from the experts about what’s around the corner. 

Ag Technology’s Inefficient Business Model

Invent and fund a technological solution – then figure out whether agriculture might be able to put it to practical use. It’s not an efficient business model, especially given agriculture’s tight margins. We’ll discuss a potentially better way. 

Technology’s Pull-Through Effect from Downstream

Food processors and retailersin a daily dialogue with consumers, are pulling harder and harder for greater transparency, traceability, and sustainability. Learn what this will mean for you and the technology you’re using today – and tomorrow.  


  • Interactive roundtable discussions, moderated by sector experts 
  • Ample opportunities for 1-on-1 meetings 
  • Expert presenters ready to recharge, energize, and inspire you.

Make plans now to join us in Seattle for the 2020 VISION Conference – Jan. 14-16, 2020.