Integrated New Solutions—Advancing the Future of Agriculture

Connecting New Technology to the Evolving Value Chain

The VISION Conference launched five years ago as a learning and networking event designed to demonstrate the connection between promising ag technologies and the agriculture production channel, with a focus on scalability and clear value. Today, as investments in technology coalesce around “best in breed” systems and organizations, understanding where these companies and technologies fit, and where they are headed in the next 3-5 years, is even more important.

Now back in person, the VISION Conference 2022 continues this legacy, and features expanded exploration of where innovation is rapidly driving change, including trends in high-value specialty crops, sustainability and carbon sequestration programs, and high-tech controlled environment production systems.

By addressing all segments of the food value chain, VISION delegates will gain actionable insight on how this expanding agriculture ecosystem is charting the new future for responsive food systems from farm gate to consumer.

An Interactive Format

The two-day 2022 program is centered on a single robust conference track built around key pillars: regenerative agriculture, automation, connectivity, and transparency.

Delegates will gain knowledge through a mix of presentations, panels, roundtables, and plenty of networking and small discussion opportunities. The experience is engaging and interactive, encouraging participation through active Q&A, polling, and ongoing discussion.

Vision Conference

Consumer preference trends, internal corporate initiatives, and emerging government regulation are driving the development of regenerative agriculture, sustainability, and carbon sequestration programs. Understand the impact of these programs and how precision agriculture products, services, and practices will become the cornerstone, for data and compliance verification.


Innovations in autonomy and robotics – in and outside of agriculture – are beginning to pay off in interesting ways, as investment pursues technologies that deliver benefits with broad appeal, that are scalable. Learn about how these technologies are moving forward and gaining traction. Explore how to integrate them in your operations to stay competitive.


Tying together disparate systems, software, and equipment across the entire food value chain has been an ongoing impediment to advancing efficient and value-rich technology. But we’re making great progress as more players are opening up to collaboration and cooperation. Get a clearer picture of the future of connected, high-functioning systems and meet with the innovators who are making it happen.


Blockchain and the open ledger model might be the most significant influence on the entire food value chain to-date. Explore which models are most likely to have the biggest impact. Apply lessons learned and learn from players outside of the agricultural sector.

A Fresh, Focused VISION

As opposed to niche events for narrow segments of the industry or the investment community, VISION’s perspective covers the full ag-tech ecosystem yet is expertly focused on what’s real, what’ll work, and what’s truly driving the future of food and agriculture. Gain direct access to the VISION community of leaders and innovators across ag-tech, outside industry specialists, and change-makers sharing inside perspectives on the future of global agriculture at VISION 2022.