Harnessing the Power of Agriculture 4.0 - Turning Innovation Into Reality

ACCELERATING the Future of Agriculture 

The VISION Conference is where the full industry ecosystem meets to drive change and realize the great promise of the latest innovations to accelerate agribusiness progress with a tight focus on the drivers that will succeed in transforming the industry within 3 – 5 years.

The 2023 event expands in scope and perspective to engage perspectives from the broader voices through the food value chain and new allied constituents driving change.

Attendees will hear perspectives and expertise from other industries that have managed through economic uncertainties and are further advanced in transforming their industries with technology as a catalyst.


The two-day 2023 program is centered on a single robust conference track built around key topics that are driving Agriculture 4.0: virtual cropping systems, autonomy, AI, climate smart ag, vertical farming, weather mapping, precision biocontrols, imagery, and more.

Delegates will gain knowledge through a mix of presentations, panels, valuable networking opportunities, and small-group discussion opportunities.

The VISION Conference experience is engaging and interactive. Participation is encouraged through active Q&A, polling, and ongoing discussions


Be inspired with a compelling view of how technology innovation is transforming agriculture to build into your strategic roadmap to sustain a competitive advantage.  The two-day 2023 VISION Conference program is centered on the key topics that are driving Agriculture 4.0 forward in realizing the great promise of the future:

  • Virtual Cropping Systems
  • IoT and Sensors
  • Quantum Computing / Weather Mapping
  • AI Applications
  • Imagery / Hi-res satellite images
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Autonomy / Robotics
  • Climate Smart Ag
  • Block Chain
  • Specialty Ag Innovation – Crop Imaging & Vertical Farming
  • Precision Biocontrols / Input Technologies, and more

Gain direct access to the VISION community of leaders and innovators across the ag-tech ecosystem, outside industry specialists, and change-makers sharing insights and perspectives on the future of global agriculture at VISION 2023.

Schedule AT-A-GLANCE

Day 1 – January 17

7:30 AM           Breakfast
8:30 AM           Conference Sessions
12:00 PM          Lunch
1:15 PM            Conference Sessions
5:30  PM           Networking Reception 

Day 2 – January 18

8:15 AM           Breakfast
9:00 AM           Conference Sessions
12:00 PM          Lunch
1:00 PM            Conference Sessions
3:00 PM            VISION 2023 Concludes

Check back soon for the complete agenda and speaker information!