The 2023 VISION Conference

The VISION Conference convenes the leaders from across the rapidly expanding agtech ecosystem with a singular goal: to shape the strategic roadmap for building a sustainable food value system to feed the world.

Vision Conference

Tech Catalysts

Agribusiness is evolving rapidly, from strategic realignments, broader crop solution platforms, tech alliances, and more. Connect with the thought leaders driving change. Explore how new strategic investments and partnerships are advancing tech solutions.

Vision Conference

Fast-Paced Change

The world around us is changing drastically — and that change is accelerating. New external forces now require the industry to be transparent, traceable, responsive, and nimble. Gain insight into how the industry is responding to these social, cultural, and environmental forces impacting your future.

Vision Conference

Interconnected Solutions

Meet with the innovators developing interoperable solutions for the food value chain. Gain insights on the next generation of autonomous equipment, handhelds, cloud platforms, and other ag systems that are transforming the industry.


The VISION Conference is the premier event where all segments of the agtech community come to explore and assess the strategic potential for the latest innovative technologies and systems, with a focus on the drivers that will transform the agribusiness industry within 3 – 5 years.

VISION takes an immersive look at the new ways data and tech trends will change how agriculture utilizes scarce natural resources to efficiently and sustainably produce high-quality food in the coming years. Importantly, VISION engages the broader mix of voices that are now driving change across the food value chain—from core agribusiness sectors to food channel partners and new allied constituents bringing fresh perspectives and capabilities.

In 2023, VISION will also include insights from other industries further advanced in automation, robotics, cloud computing, spatial imagery, and more to accelerate agribusiness progress.

Connecting the Food Value Chain

VISION takes a focused look at the new ways data and technological innovations are reshaping the food value system from the farm to the consumer.  Importantly, VISION engages the diverse voices that are driving this change across the food value chain —from within agribusiness along with new allied constituents – to enhance the efficient and sustainable production and distribution of high-quality food with a lighter environmental footprint.

In 2023, VISION will also offer perspectives from outside industries that are further progressing in leading their industry’s transformation.

Strategic, Actionable, and Advanced

The VISION Conference is the only event in the world that leverages Meister Media Worldwide’s Global AgTech Initiative with decades of experience leading global specialty agriculture forward from the earliest days of precision agriculture to today’s sophisticated data-driven, tech-intensive agricultural systems.

By attending, you will:

  • Gain perspective and engage with change agents transforming agribusiness in the next 3 to 5 years.
  • Get a market-tested look at the latest innovations in advanced agricultural systems, platforms, and technologies building an interconnected, interoperable food value chain.
  • Exposure to the forces driving change from within agribusiness along with the new external consumer and environmental imperatives.
  • Engage with thought leaders to explore new relations, alliances, and potential partners.

One VISION, Many Voices

Together, we will improve the future of agribusiness by engaging with leaders at the forefront of ag-tech innovation. Meet potential new partners with market-tested technologies. Connect with input suppliers and channel partners that are driving platform innovation, technology developers, and non-endemic companies bringing their unique perspective and technology solutions all to reshape food production and delivery. Take away actionable strategies and plan for business in the near and long term to gain a competitive advantage.

Attend The VISION Conference and harness the power of Agriculture 4.0 to turn innovation into reality. You’ll gain new insights, actionable strategies, and direct engagement with the leaders harnessing the power of agtech to build the agribusiness industry of the future.