Paul Schrimpf

Group Editor | U.S. Agribusiness Group

Meister Media Worldwide


Paul Schrimpf, an award-winning journalist, has covered the agriculture market since 1998. He is Group Editor of the U.S. Agribusiness Group at Meister Media Worldwide, leading an editorial team covering the ag retail distribution channel under the CropLife® and CropLife® IRON brands and the precision sector under the PrecisionAg® Professional. He also administers North American activities for the PrecisionAg Institute, a consortium of industry-leading organizations that is a principal source of research, advocacy, and education in the areas of precision agriculture and digital farming.

Founded in 1994 and acquired by Meister in 2000, the PrecisionAg brand includes a website at, a bi-monthly magazine, a weekly e-newsletter, a variety of in-person events, and the PrecisionAg Institute. The Institute is a consortium of agriculture companies that is dedicated to facilitating the adoption of precision agriculture products and practices, and promoting the benefits of precision agriculture for improving profitability, sustainability, and efficiency in the farming operation.