Denis Yukio Sakuma

Project Leader, CIAg – Center of Innovation in Agribusiness

Sakuma did his undergraduate work in mechanical engineering, and started his career in car design in Brazil. While working in Japan he continued his education with a focus on agriculture engineering, in particular to develop better solutions to determine soil fertility. Following graduation from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 2008, Sakuma returned to Brazil to work for equipment manufacturer Máquinas Agrícolas Jacto S/A on innovative solutions for soil and crop fertilization. In 2016 he became a Project Leader at Brazil’s Center of Innovation in Agribusiness (CIAg), where people are working on new solutions for tropical farming.

The last investiment of the Jacto Group is the CIAg (Center of Innovation in Agribusiness). CIAg is supported by Jacto shareholders and Jacto Foundation.

CIAg’s mission is to offer collaborative and integrated solutions for tropical agribusiness, supporting the creation of value and innovation.