The VISION Conference is North America’s definitive precision agriculture and digital farming event. Gain market-tested insights and understand how changes in precision and digital agriculture will transform agribusiness in the next three to five years.

Unprecedented Market Disruption

There has never been a year like this in recent agriculture. Farmers are feeling battle-torn by trade wars, severe weather, and financial challenges. Geopolitical uncertainty adds to the pressure growers are sustaining as we move into 2020. The time is now to move technology to the front of your strategy, as it is one of the few tools left to maintain margins.

A Fundamental Realignment of the Precision Sector

The past year saw unparalleled collaboration—key players in digital farming and precision agriculture formed new alliances, partnerships, and ventures to accelerate agriculture advances. This new Systems of Systems will reframe the business of agriculture. Move forward alongside the best of the best, who are solving the same issues you are facing.

New Players –
New Technologies

Non-traditional companies are targeting agriculture with innovative new systems and solutions developed in other industries. This brings new thinking and relationships. Engage with these new players at the VISION Conference exclusive Roundtable Series to leverage your business advantage.

2020 Advisory Board

The VISION Conference benefits from the leadership and support from these progressive leaders

Ernie Chappell
President & Founder
EFC Systems

Allan Fetters
AGceleration Advisory Service

Neal Horrom
Precision Agriculture Expert

Sid Parks
Senior Product Manager, Agronomy Information Services

Marc Vanacht
AG Business Consultants

Michael Gomes
VP, Business Development IoT
Topcon Agriculture

Jonah Kolb
Managing Member
Moore & Warner Ag Group, LLC

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News and Resources from Meister Media Worldwide's Global Precision Initiative

News and Resources from Meister Media Worldwide's
Global Precision Initiative