January 14-16, 2019 • Seattle, WA
Hyatt Regency Waterfront Hotel

January 14-16, 2019 • Seattle, WA

The PrecisionAg® VISION Conference 2019 returns this January in Seattle, WA, and promises to be an unprecedented event full of remarkable insight.

The VISION Conference leverages decades of market experience in precision agriculture to provide attendees with a look forward into the numerous changes in precision and digital farming that are likely to transform agribusiness over the next three to five years.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind conference of industry leaders

What’s New in 2019

New Time

Mid-January. With harvest season behind us, and planting season still weeks away, it’s the right time to reflect on past challenges and focus on the future.

New Location

Seattle, WA is home to many on the vanguard of new solutions and a hotbed of forward thinkers. An event this bold calls for an equally bold location.

Wider Scope

An expanded focus on specialty in addition to row crops. Programming for 2019 is focused on three main pillars: In-Field Technology, Data Management, Post-Farmgate

IoT for Earth –
A Pre-Conference Summit Hosted by Microsoft

Your registration to The VISION Conference includes access to an exclusive Pre-Conference Summit at The Microsoft Conference Center. Get the latest insights from Microsoft IoT leaders that are shaping the future of cloud, big data, and AI in agriculture. Immerse yourself with cutting-edge tools, technology and data-driven experiences that are helping transform our planet and farming communities over the next decade.

Advisory Board

The VISION Conference benefits from the leadership and support from these progressive leaders

Ernie Chappell
President & Founder
EFC Systems

Allan Fetters
Director of Technology
J.R. Simplot Co.

Neil Horrom
Director of Digital Agronomy and Echelon

Sid Parks
Senior Product Manager, Agronomy Information Services

Danny Royer
Agriculture Executive Consultant/California’s Central Valley

Marc Vanacht
AG Business Consultants

Paul Welbig
Director of Slingshot Services & Logistics
Raven Industries

Chris Paterson
North America Lead


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