Why Attend

This is your chance to connect with thought leaders driving the future of precision agriculture.

Here’s what to expect:

Solutions-Based Education

Work through challenging problems and build toward solutions that cut across all functions and regions using precision agriculture. Take home practical lessons learned from growers, service providers, and colleagues working in like production systems in other parts of the nation and world.


The conference provides a unique opportunity to connect with ag technology influencers across a variety of networking platforms. Delegates will establish senior-level contacts and foster a dialogue that endures after the conference’s end.

Meeting with technology developers and suppliers

Gain an accurate and well-informed vision of ag technology’s three-year horizon.

Get an “In the Field” Perspective with a Pre-Conference Tour

Match learnings and contacts gleaned from the conference with a real-world view of Arizona’s agricultural technology and the University of Arizona Robotics System.

Attendees will include:

Advanced Precision Farming Enterprises

  • Advanced growers
  • Progressive ag retailers and cooperatives
  • Dedicated precision ag consultants
  • Heavy-equipment dealers
  • Seed dealers

Manufacturing Partners

  • Precision technology developers
  • Heavy-equipment manufacturers
  • OEM manufacturers
  • Software manufacturers
  • Crop input suppliers (agrichemcials, macro- and micronutrients, biostimultants, biopecticides)

Agricultural Stakeholders

  • Trade associations and advocacy groups
  • Insurance agencies
  • Bankers and credit providers
  • Academia/extension personnel
  • Federal and state regulators

Allied Industry Sectors

  • General technology/software/data companies
  • Ag-tech finance and investment
  • Legal/regulatory
  • Management and business consultants
  • Emerging technology incubators/innovation centers