Finding Our Collective Future in Phoenix

James C. SuleckiBy James C. Sulecki, Corporate Content Director, Meister Media Worldwide

When we began conceptualizing the first PrecisionAg Vision Conference many months ago, we had in mind a unique assembly of representatives from all walks of agriculture and its many product and service affiliates. At the same time we began crafting our programming for attendees who had one unifying characteristic: They would be drawn from the more senior levels of their organizations, bringing both the responsibility and the passion to assert a strategic, multi-year agenda for technology-driven agriculture.

After taking a quick look at the wide range of attendees we look forward to hosting in Phoenix, I’m happy to say that even with five weeks remaining before the opening of the Conference, our effort is shaping up to be “mission accomplished.” Let’s take a quick glance at who has registered to date.

  • A number of very large growing operations.
  • Assorted senior-level personnel and precision ag managers from highly respected ag-retail and cooperative organizations including Crop Production Services and GROWMARK.
  • Precision technology and equipment suppliers including AGCO, John Deere, and Raven.
  • Crop input (and increasingly data-science) companies such as Bayer and Wilbur-Ellis.
  • Officials from trade organizations and their respective member companies united in the Coalition to Advance Precision Agriculture.
  • Diversified food organizations including Campbell’s and Smithfield.
  • Highly interested parties from the ag-tech and financial and investment communities including Rabobank, the Mixing Bowl, and William Blair, along with “outside voices” from the healthcare and oil and gas sectors.
  • And last but not least — delegates from countries outside of North America including Australia, Germany, Nicaragua, Ukraine, South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, and Argentina.

Add it all together and we expect an unprecedented dialogue about the singular opportunity that precision agriculture and the digitization of the farm holds — for all our organizations. We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix …