Learn How Ag Tech is Hot on Horticulture at the PrecisionAg Vision Conference

By Jim Sulecki, Corporate Content Director, Meister Media Worldwide

Following is an excerpt from an article in Growing Produce® that speaks to the role of technology in agriculture.

Precision farming and its wider world of “ag tech” is wildly diverse across regions, crop areas, and practical applications in the field. But at its heart is one goal: the so-called “digitization of the farm,” which promises not only to improve the agronomic quantity and quality of the farmer’s output through more data-fueled understanding of what’s going on in the field, but also to make farms more sustainable and with a greater ability to trace products from seed to market, with distinct benefits resonating up and down the food chain.

Read more to learn how the PrecisionAg Vision Conference will bring together some of the brightest agriculture leaders with technology and data experts from across the country to examine the big trends and technologies that will impact the ag industry over the next decade.