Tony Koselka

Co-Founder, Vision Robotics Corporation

Tony Koselka, a co-founder of Vision Robotics Corporation is an award-winning design engineer. He earned two degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT and is a professional engineer. He successfully co-founded and sold his first start-up, CyberGear. He has designed or managed the design of all the mechanical systems including those on the VR Lettuce Thinner and grapevine pruner.

Vision Robotics was formed in 1999 with the goal of developing autonomous robotic solutions based on machine vision. Coupling mature vision algorithms with the output of additional sensors provides a robust base and cost effective approach to robotics. The company entered the agricultural market in 2004. It released its VR Lettuce Thinner in 2012 that collectively have thinned well over 100,000 acres. The company has recently completed weeders based on the thinner technology. The technology enables robots to intelligently and accurately perform myriad tasks including thinning plants and pruning grapevines. Vision Robotics’ experience and creativity make it an excellent partner for companies looking for assistance in developing robots.