Tom Auvil

Horticulturalist, North American Plants

Tom has 55 years working in tree fruit growing, storing, packing and shipping apples, pears and cherries. He has 20 years as production consultant and quality assurance manager and 17 years working for Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission in plant material evaluation and as a resource between the academic community and the tree fruit industry. Tom has had many experiences in examining new technologies and the interface of the production systems of tree fruit from around the world.

North American Plants is a tissue culture based propagation company established in 1995. It is a part of a group nursery companies based in Barcelona, Spain. Agromillora has 12 operating entities around the world most with a tissue culture propagation component. Agromillora supports super high density plantings of apples, pears, cherries, pistachios, olives, almonds, stone fruits, and hazlenuts plus several berries including blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.  Agromillora as a group sells 75 million plants annually. North American plants sells about 15 million plants per year. Tissue culture allows shorter propagation cycles with multiple start times to initiate propagation. Multiple generations of many crops are possible every year. Planting crops with leaves spring summer and fall increases the flexibility of establishing new plantings.