Sarai Kemp

VP Business Development, Trendlines Agtech

Sarai Kemp is responsible for directing the business and financial development, and fund-raising strategies and activities, for early-stage companies developing technologies and products in Agtech and Foodtech.

Sarai brings more than 12 years’ experience in agricultural, consumer goods, and high-tech industries, including in international companies such as Afimilk and Keter Plastic. She has worked intensively with companies in East Asia.

Sarai received an MBA from Haifa University.

Trendlines Agtech is part of The Trendlines Group (

The Trendlines Group establishes, develops, and invests in technology-based medical and agricultural companies in accordance with our mission “to improve the human condition” by discovering, investing in, incubating, and providing extensive support to its portfolio companies.

When we invest in a new early-stage company, we provide intensive support, including R&D, business development, market and commercialization strategy, investment strategy, finance planning, legal consultancy, human resource recruitments, and marketing communications. In addition, during their first two or three years, our portfolio companies are located in our offices and receive extensive overhead support.