Roric Paulman

Nebraska farmer and Chair, Nebraska Water Balance Alliance

Since he first began farming, Paulman has had a passion for developing practices that set benchmarks for excellence and continuous improvement in all phases of his operation. He is active on state, regional, and national boards for many of the crops he grows, but in particular is focused on helping to promote farmer understanding of best practices in water use efficiency. He provides leadership of the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance, an organization that catalyzes best practices among Nebraska farmers by emphasizing practical, locally focused watershed management practices.

Established and harvested first crop in 1985, Paulman Farms is a dba joint venture with Deb & Roric Paulman. The  8,500-acre rain-fed and irrigated farming operation produces a wide range of crops, including yellow and white corn, yellow popcorn, soybeans, dry edible beans, hard red winter wheat, yellow field peas, grain sorghum, confection/ oil sunflowers, chia, sugar beets, and potatoes. It is located in southwest Nebraska, with land that extends into Lincoln, Keith and Perkins counties.