Omar Gomez

Washington Lead Executive, Hectre

Omar Gomez is the Washington lead at Hectre, the award-winning fruit tech start-up delivering data visibility via computer vision AI early fruit sizing solutions, and digital orchard management apps.

Working closely with fruit industry executives, private equity firms and family-owned fruit businesses, and backed by a degree in Political Economics, Omar represents the new generation of fruit tech leaders assisting industry to adopt technologies that optimize labor and yield, whilst minimizing wastage.

A childhood spent surrounded by the vast fruit farms of the Yakima Valley led to experience in all facets of fruit production and post harvest processes, providing an extensive understanding of the complexities of agriculture.

Having recently welcomed daughter Avery into the world, Omar has added another credential to his resume – that of exhausted and awe-struck first time father!

Hectre were recently named double award winners in the global AgTech Breakthrough Awards and will offer a Series A round later this year.