Matej Štefančič

CEO, Trapview/Efos

In over 15 years of his career, Matej Štefančič has been involved in IT solutions related to environment and food safety. He is CEO and co-founder of Efos, producer of Trapview automated pest monitoring and forecasting platform. Matej strongly believes that properly applied information technology can significantly improve decision making and consequently enable more sustainable high-quality food production.

Trapview is flagship platform of a Slovenian company Efos specialized in environment and food safety IT solutions. Trapview is the most diverse (30+ different insect species) and widespread (40+ countries) automated pest monitoring and forecasting platform in the world. It is suitable for different crop protection strategies and used across various industries. A unique combination of automatically collected pest related data, artificial intelligence image processing and predictive analytics allows clients to plan and optimize field activities in order to maximize high-quality yields with minimal costs.