Manu Pillai

President & Co-founder, WaterBit, Inc.

Manu Pillai is co-founder, and currently drives revenues for WaterBit, Inc. Over the 25 years prior to WaterBit, Manu worked in consumer, industrial and telco grade electronic systems and software from design to deployment. He has led or been a key team member in the definition, development and manufacturing of over 100 products to the global market. Manu has a BE(EE) from University College, Dublin, Ireland and an MBA from Santa Clara University, California.

WaterBit, Inc., is focused on sensing and control systems for high granularity irrigation automation. WaterBit has an emerging portfolio of connectivity products, connected sensors and application software. Sensing systems include proprietary sensors for soil and irrigation as well as the integration of interesting 3rd party sensors.

WaterBit is currently shipping a zero maintenance, 30 second-install, integrating data logging, actuation, telemetry and solar into a single compact unit with long range radio support. Installation takes about 30 seconds, close to ground level and out of the way of machinery, with nothing to configure by the end user.