John Heaston

Aquamart Project Lead

John T. Heaston is known as “The Guy @ Aquamart,” part of the Nebraska Water Balance Alliance. With a background in applied anthropology, Heaston focuses on environmental, economic, and agricultural issues as they relate to river basin development and watershed management.

He is currently working on numerous projects related to efficient water use on the farm, including multi-scale conservation planning and evaluation, performance-based irrigation conservation for watershed recovery, value-added eco-marketing as a conservation strategy, and the promotion of local leadership development in conservation practice in Nebraska.

Heaston, who also serves as an independent consultant doing business as Heaston Consulting, LLC, is a 1993 graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln anthropology department.  He attended the University of Kentucky and studied applied anthropology.  He is a native of Elm Creek, Nebraska.

The Nebraska Water Balance Alliance (NEWBA) is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to supporting the comprehensive and sustainable management of Nebraska’s water resources for its citizens, now and in the future.  In support of that vision, NEWBA is working with ‘on the ground’ tools to target effective water conservation and management in agriculture across Nebraska with its Aquamart Program.