Jaymie Forrest

President & CEO, Activ Technologies

Jaymie Forrest leads Activ Technologies to help companies and their trading partners enable digital supply chains. With over 30 years of experience, Jaymie specializes in supply chain operations and logistics technologies in a variety of industries and applications.

As CSCO, prior to Activ, she delivered the first high-speed produce handling conveyance with integrated cross-border operations, world-class food safety, and full case-level traceability. While serving as Managing Director of the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, she founded the Integrated Food Chain Research Center working with governments and industries to improve logistics performance and developing cold chain programs designed to reduce food waste. Also, founder of The Logistics Council for the Republic of Panama, and Logistics Innovation Centers in Singapore, China, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Brazil—all focused on operational strategies and logistics efficiencies.