Gary Thompson

Chief Operations Officer, GUSS Automation

Gary Thompson is the COO of GUSS Automation which developed the world’s first autonomous orchard and vineyard sprayers. After growing up on a dairy in Arizona, Gary attended Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA where he double majored in Agricultural Business and Dairy Science. Upon graduating, he moved back to Arizona to manage the dairy, eventually growing it to over 20,000 total head of cattle and 3,500 acres of row crop. While at Cal Poly, he developed a love for the diversity of crops and livestock in California’s San Joaquin Valley which eventually led him to relocate there in 2017. At that time, Gary began farming almonds and he joined the GUSS team while the project was still in its early stages of development. Gary now oversees all operations at GUSS Automation and provides direction for this exciting new ag tech company. GUSS Automation’s sights are now set on scaling sales, expanding markets, and continuing to innovate new models and technologies.