Gabe Sibley

Founder and CEO, Verdant Robotics

Gabe Sibley, PhD, Founder and CEO of Verdant Robotics, led the company to deliver agriculture’s first multi-action autonomous system capable of millimeter-accurate spraying and high-fidelity digital farm modeling.

Gabe’s more than 20 years of experience in geo-spatial computation and AI includes serving as principal investigator for NASA, NSF, DARPA and the Department of Defense to create ethical applications of autonomous technology. Gabe was co-founder and CEO of autonomous delivery company, acquired by GM, and Chief Science Officer for autonomous taxi company Zoox, acquired by Amazon.

Frequently cited for his extensive research, Gabe’s work has focused on the synthesis of perception, learning, planning, and control to endow robots with long-term autonomous capability.

Gabe earned his Ph.D. at the University of Southern California working with the NASAJet Propulsion Lab. He completed his post-doctoral research at Oxford University and was on the faculty at George Washington University. He is currently on the faculty at Colorado State University at Boulder.