Aron Cory, Ph.D.

Research Manager, Agriculture, IDC

As a research manager, Dr. Aron Cory is responsible for providing research, analysis and guidance on key business and IT issues for companies in the agriculture and agribusiness sector. He currently leads the worldwide agriculture research practice. Dr. Cory’s research provides detailed analysis on the digital transformation of agriculture, covering topics such as digital farm management, precision agriculture, automation and robotics, advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, integrated security solutions, and sustainability. He works with research colleagues in IDC Manufacturing Insights and IDC Retail Insights to provide a complete view of the “farm to fork” industry value chain.

Prior to joining IDC, Dr. Cory consulted with early-stage and established agriculture technology companies, where he leveraged his expertise and entrepreneur experience in the areas of automation, analytics, biotech, and plant and animal genetics. Aron has worked as a consultant for Agribrand Purina, Fast Genetics, Barnstorm Agtech and various other agriculture companies. Aron helped build Cory Farms, a mixed farming operation in Northern Alberta that consists of broadacre farming and a large cow-calf operation which is still in operation.

Aron has a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences from the University of Saskatchewan, a Master of Sciences degree in Reproductive Biology from the Universite de Montreal, and a Bachelor of Agriculture in Animal Sciences from University of Saskatchewan. He is a published researcher with several high impact papers published within the fields of genetics, genomics and plant breeding. Dr. Cory’s academic interests involve integrating cutting edge technology to solve problems in agriculture.