Alain Goubau

CEO, Combyne Ag

Alain Goubau is the CEO of Combyne Ag, a software company that provides farmer-centric crop marketing management tools and beyond-the-farm-gate data connectivity and interoperability in grain and oilseed value chains.

Alain grew up on mixed dairy and cash crop farm in Ontario, Canada. Prior to Combyne Ag, Alain led operations at 2 venture-backed agtech and cleantech startups. He has also led various operational and strategy engagements within McKinsey & Company’s agri-business team. Earlier in his career, Alain was a field engineer and project manager with Air Liquide, building chemical plants across the globe.

Leveraging his background in agriculture, technology, chemical engineering, and energy and environmental law, Alain is a passionate builder of teams and innovations across agriculture, energy, and sustainability.