Aidan Connolly

Chief Innovation Officer & Vice President, Corporate Accounts, Alltech

Aidan Connolly has been with Alltech for more than 25 years, initially in Ireland and afterward in France, Brazil and the United States. From 2002 to 2008, he held the position of vice president of Europe for Alltech.

Having moved from Washington, D.C., Connolly is now based at Alltech’s corporate headquarters near Lexington, Kentucky, USA, as Alltech’s chief innovation officer and vice president of corporate accounts. Connolly is responsible for the commercialization of Alltech’s global research, in addition to corporate account strategy within the company. His expertise is in branding, agriculture and international marketing.

Connolly is an adjunct professor of marketing at University College Dublin and China Agricultural University. He is an executive board member of the International Feed Industry Federation, the National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation. He is also a former board member of the European Union Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures and the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association. Connolly is responsible for the highly anticipated Alltech Global Feed Survey, which is released annually. He also led the implementation of The Pearse Lyons Accelerator, a late-stage, agri-tech accelerator run by Alltech and Dogpatch Labs, which received 184 applications from more than 30 countries.

He received a bachelor’s degree in commerce from University College Dublin and a master’s degree in international marketing from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin.

Founded in 1980 by Irish biochemist and entrepreneur Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation. We pursue this mission guided by what we call the ACE principle, our promise that in doing business we have a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment.

Headquartered in Kentucky, Alltech trades in 129 countries worldwide and has more than 4,700 employees, with 77 production facilities strategically positioned across the globe and three bioscience centers, dedicated to research and education, two located in the USA and one in Ireland.

Alltech is the only privately held and family-owned business among the top ten animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing them to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives.