The PrecisionAg® Vision Conference is a one-of-a-kind event – a strategic conference focused on the future of farm digitization and precision agriculture.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the premiere PrecisionAg® Vision Conference

The PrecisionAg® Vision Conference is organized by Meister Media Worldwide, founded in 1932 and one of the world’s largest publishers of media for specialized agriculture and horticulture. In addition to publishing PrecisionAg® magazine for large row crop growers and technology integrators, Meister Media’s stable consists of 11 other industry-leading media brands including CropLife® and CropLife IRON® for ag retailers; AgriBusiness Global™ for the international crop protection and plant health industries; multiple titles for U.S. producers including American Fruit Grower®, Western Fruit Grower®, American Vegetable Grower®, Cotton Grower®and Florida Grower®; and Productores de Hortalizas® for the vegetable industry in Mexico.

There are a number of events in the U.S. focused on either practitioner use of precision technologies or on the wider financial and business considerations of ag technology and its impact on the food industry, but none we know of that intersect the two areas – casting an informed eye on how ag technologies are being adopted in farm fields while also considering how the wider ag-tech and financial communities might help take precision farming to an even higher level. With the digitization of agriculture accelerating and the use of big data becoming more practical by the day, the PrecisionAg® Vision Conference is designed to “get above the static,”  take a clear look at the future, and foster constructive, cross-sector dialogue and common-sense solutions for better collaboration and integration of current systems. The PrecisionAg® Vision Conference also brings a global view to attendees through its AgriBusiness Global brand.

The agenda of the PrecisionAg Vision Conference is designed expressly for leadership of agriculture, food, supplier, financial, and policymaking organizations both inside and outside the U.S. – managers, directors, and c-suite executives charged with charting a longer-term direction for their organizations through the coming digitization of the farm.

PrecisionAg Media is the largest media entity focused on precision farming in the U.S. and among the largest in the world. Meister Media in 2001 acquired PrecisionAg magazine and PrecisionAg.com, which now include in its stable the PrecisionAg Vision Conference, the PrecisionAg Innovation Series, and trade show management of and media partnership with the InfoAg Conference.

The PrecisionAg® Vision Conference is a high-level conference spanning three days and bringing together management-level representatives of agriculture, food, supplier, financial, and policymaking organizations in a peer-to-peer environment.

The PrecisionAg® Innovation Series, established in 2014, is a series of one-day, hands-on workshops for precision ag practitioners – farmers and especially the trusted ag retailers, technology experts, product and service providers, and agronomists who make precision farming run.

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