EFC Systems, Inc.

EFC Systems is leading technology solution providers in Agribusiness. Founded in 1988, with a passion to take data and turn it into actionable decisions, EFC Systems has continued to stay ahead of the agricultural retailer’s technology needs.  We know that businesses need enterprise wide, real-time information and our solutions, Merchant Ag and FieldAlytics, provide just that. We deliver on our vision to provide comprehensive, end to end solutions that meet the needs of both ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Precision / Field Data Management.

These solutions are better thought of as customer engagement and risk management tools.  In this connected world it’s about working where the work is and electronic interaction with your customers and vendors.   Now more than ever we know that you need one platform that stretches across all your business needs. We have scalable, modern solutions including hosted and mobility options that allow decisions to be made on the go. Whether you are in wholesale, retail, or the field, have a single location or hundreds, EFC Systems has the experience and products to help you grow your business.

With numerous client relationships going back 20 plus years, we know you seek to have a strong partner that you can rely on to help keep up with your businesses changing needs. We have an experienced staff well versed in Agribusiness that will work side by side with you to make sure all your needs are met.    It is our never ending quest to provide agricultural retailers with  industry leading solutions.

Our solutions help you perform well with your customers, interacting from a place of actionable information and insight.   We look forward discussing how we can partner to help your business evolve. To find out more about EFC Systems and our solutions, Merchant Ag and FieldAlytics, visit www.efcsystems.com.