Patrick Sanders

Director, Strategic Business Development, Proagrica

Patrick Sanders is Director of Enterprise Solutions at Proagrica, responsible for positioning B2B, enterprise workflow, analytics, and custom geospatial solutions with large agribusinesses. The enterprise solutions team focuses on increasing agricultural profitability via increased efficiency and productivity, by developing and implementing digital solutions across the agricultural supply chain.
Patrick has extensive agricultural experience, having grown up on a family farm and worked for agricultural consultants, as well as various roles at SST from 2001. Starting in 2009, Patrick has successfully worked with large agribusinesses to develop geospatial solutions, including the big four seed/chemical manufacturers: Bayer, BASF, Syngenta, Corteva.

Today, Patrick continues to work with large manufacturers, ag retailers, and food processors. He is dedicated to developing innovative digital solutions in the agricultural space, which ultimately benefit the grower through increased profitability.