Michael Gilbert

Founder and CEO, Semios

Michael Gilbert is the CEO and founder of Semios, the leading precision farming IoT platform for tree fruits, nuts and grapes. Michael is a natural product synthetic chemist with a PhD from UBC and a post-doctoral fellowship at University of Vienna. He has 25 years of experience in biotech R&D and production at Merck and Cardiome. After Cardiome sold its main asset in 2009 for over $800M, Michael founded Semios to meet the growing demand for sustainable and traceable food production with precision crop data and intelligence. Semios is the now the largest precision farming wireless network (150,000+ sensors) in Ag.

Established in 2010, Semios is a precision farming platform that includes a system to account for real-time conditions and deliver targeted pheromone release with the aim of maximizing efficacy while reducing costs. The proprietary Semios system consists of various sensors and controls which are placed in the field and connected through a wireless network. These sensors and controls include aerosol pheromone dispensers, monitoring traps equipped with cameras, weather stations, and micro-climate sensors. Data gathered from the devices is stored in cloud databases and displayed on a web-based user interface where reports can also be generated. With the availability of networked camera traps, on-site climate sensors and pheromone dispensers, the Semios system offers the ability to sync pheromone release to pest activity with greater precision than any other system can provide.