Matt McGuire

Chief Agricultural Officer, JV Smith Companies

Matt McGuire is Chief Agricultural Officer for JV Smith Companies. JV Smith Companies is a family owned business that own several business units that mainly farms fresh vegetables. His present duties include overseeing growing and ag operation of 35,000 acres of vegetable crops and another 10,000 acres on non-vegetable crops. Operations Matt has worked with include JV Farms, El Toro, MX, Triangle Farms, JVO Organic Farms, Southern Colorado Farms, Skyline Potato, and Skyview Cooling CO.

Throughout the years Matt has had a wide range of experience that include cooling operation, sales, harvest management, grower and general manager of operation in the southwest and Salinas.

Matt obtained his Bachelor’s degree from University of California San Diego, majoring in Biology, minors in chemistry and psychology. Matt has masters course work for a MBA from Texas A&M.