Kent Carroll

Vice President of Sales for North America, Topcon

Kent grew up on a family farm and has a lifelong passion for advancing agriculture using technology. Beginning his career in the 1980’s with testing for research and development of advanced defense and missile systems with the Department of Defense. He was involved with the fielding of GPS technology inthe Gulf War for both air and ground warfare. He returned to his farm rootsemploying his skills with GPS first for SATLOC then joining Trimble in 1998 as one of two original sales representatives serving the Agriculture market segment.

Kent has held numerous positions in sales and sales management, OEMaccounts and Business development with pioneering companies such asTrimble, Ag Sync that was acquired by Raven, and Muller Electronics that was acquired by Trimble. He has a strong understanding of technology employed forboth precise positioning and precision application as well as the AgriculturalRetail segment of North America.

In 2019, he joined Topcon Agriculture and is currently the vice president of sales for North America. As a strong believer in continuous improvement coupled with entrepreneurial spirit, he remains strongly positive on the future of American Agriculture using technology.

Kent currently lives in Southwest Indiana, near the small family farm where he grew up. He and his wife Alice have five children between them, along with 5 grandchildren and two more on the way. He enjoys outdoor activities, beach destinations and working on classic cars.