Ernie Chappell

Founder and President, EFC Systems, Inc.

Ernie Chappell was the founder and is the President of EFC Systems, Inc., now part of Ever.Ag Ever.Ag is a broad Ag Tech provider streamlining the supply chain to feed a growing world.

EFC’s solutions such as FieldAlytics, Vanguard Ag, and Merchant Ag have served the agriculture sector with wholesale and retailer business and digital agronomy solutions for Service Providers and Growers.    

Ernie’s experience in accounting and software development led to the development of these solutions tailored to Agribusiness. He is passionate about comprehensive suites that are core to retail service providers and their digital engagement with their growers/producers.    

Ernie resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife and three teenage boys, and enjoys family travel, especially to skiing destinations.