Dan Steere

CEO, Abundant Robotics, Inc.

Dan is co-founder and CEO of Abundant Robotics, who are driving major leaps in productivity with robots in agriculture.  After growing up in Louisiana and Texas, Dan was drawn to Silicon Valley where he discovered a love of creating and launching new products, starting as an Intel product manager.  Dan soon gravitated to startups and has helped launch and grow successful companies in a variety of domains including semiconductors, enterprise software, mobile hardware, and robotics.  Abundant is the third robotics company Dan has helped launch.  He’s still on a mission to help build the next great technology company.

Dan played varsity football and earned a bachelor’s degree concentrating in Computer Science from Harvard and an MBA from Stanford where he was an Arjay Miller Scholar.  Dan is passionate about sports and an advocate for youth athletics.

Abundant Robotics is on a mission to deliver robotic solutions for the hardest jobs in agriculture.  We are currently developing our first product, a robotic apple harvester.