Curt Gervelis


Curt Gervelis is the founder of CPG Engineering an independent wireless telecommunications, information technology, and intellectual property consulting company.

Curt has over 30 years experience in the wireless industry including the leading roles in the expansion of the AT&T Wireless network in New York City, the design and launching of the first GSM system in the New Jersey / New York region, and the expansion of the MetroPCS system into a national prepaid carrier.

Curt has experience in cellular based IoT systems including SIM card management and provisioning systems.

Curt holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, a Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics, and a certification in Business Development from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

Curt is the co-author of two industry publications by McGraw Hill on wireless networks and has experience and training in patent law and intellectual property portfolio management.