PrecisionAg Vision Conference: The Future Is Clear

site_logo_tagThe digitization of agriculture is upon us. Every segment of the industry is learning how to adapt to the influx of innovation that is revolutionizing not only the way crops are produced, but how the entities that serve agriculture communicate and collaborate. Greater efficiency and productivity are on the horizon, but there is much yet to do. Join us at the PrecisionAg Vision Conference in Phoenix this October to take a deeper dive into the technology that is changing the ag business as we know it.

PrecisionAg® Vision Conference

Accelerating the Promise of Technology-Driven Agriculture

October 18-20, 2016 | Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa | Phoenix, AZ

We’ve thoughtfully designed a conference agenda that will provide you with valuable information to help your business thrive in today’s environment.

We’ll start by looking at the big picture on the first half day, including a holistic view of precision farming. Day two will focus more specifically on various topics ranging from the link between food manufacturing and Precision Ag to solving world hunger with ultra-high volume smart sensors. We will conclude day three with lateral industry information and an inspiring keynote session.

We’ve also built in quality time for networking and roundtables so you can continue the conversation well after the conference.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for this event. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the big picture that big data has to offer the industry.

Click here to learn more and see the full agenda.