2016 PrecisionAg Vision Conference: 7 Takeaways From Phoenix

Our inaugural PrecisionAg Vision Conference, held last week in Phoenix, AZ, is officially in the books.

Having convened just over 200 stakeholders that hail from every aspect of the food production value chain over three days to discuss and debate the “promise of data-driven agriculture”, the event clearly delivered on its pledge to provide “a global-view of precision agriculture” to attendees.

Hell, we may have ventured beyond global into the stratosphere during the Networking Roundtable discussions (and the cocktail receptions) alone, but that’s a story for another day.

Anyways, as we caffeine-addled and road-weary journalists often do after these types of events, there were a few random thoughts and themes that stick out from the high-level sessions, at least in this author’s mind.

So now, here are seven noteworthy (or perhaps not-so-noteworthy, depending on your own evaluation of the week’s discussions) thoughts from throughout the week:

  1. Uncover the next Uber: Syngenta Global Head, Product Development – Oilseeds, Dr. Joseph Byrum made the comment that precision ag needs to find the “next Uber,” and the idea of an Uber for Ag definitely stuck with our audience throughout the week. Just as Uber revolutionized how some of us get from point A to point B with a simple mobile interface that leverages widely adopted and now inexpensive technologies (smartphones, GPS) in a new way to create new efficiencies, there is hope that a simple, yet life-changing new technology platform will emerge to lead the precision agriculture world over and above the current sub-20% adoption rate that many estimate the industry is currently stuck at in the U.S.

Read the full story on PrecisionAg.com.

Reservations Filling Fast For The PrecisionAg Vision Conference

There’s still time to claim your place at the inaugural PrecisionAg® Vision ConferenceSM, October 18-20, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ. This strategic conference is focused on the future of farm digitization and precision agriculture.

The PrecisionAg Vision Conference is your opportunity to meet with some of the brightest agriculture leaders, technology, and data experts from around the globe as they examine the big trends and technologies that will impact the ag industry over the next decade.

Key topics on the power-packed agenda include:

  • Solving World Hunger with Ultra-High Volume Smart Sensors
  • Where does big data fit into crop production agriculture?
  • Food Manufacturing & Precision Ag: Emerging Links
  • Solving Big Problems: Innovation Through Open Collaboration
  • Regulation, Policy, and Precision
  • The Internet of Things: How will it shape Agriculture?

See the full conference agenda.

Act now as limited space is available.

PrecisionAg Vision Conference: The Future Is Clear

site_logo_tagThe digitization of agriculture is upon us. Every segment of the industry is learning how to adapt to the influx of innovation that is revolutionizing not only the way crops are produced, but how the entities that serve agriculture communicate and collaborate. Greater efficiency and productivity are on the horizon, but there is much yet to do. Join us at the PrecisionAg Vision Conference in Phoenix this October to take a deeper dive into the technology that is changing the ag business as we know it.

PrecisionAg® Vision Conference

Accelerating the Promise of Technology-Driven Agriculture

October 18-20, 2016 | Renaissance Glendale Hotel & Spa | Phoenix, AZ

We’ve thoughtfully designed a conference agenda that will provide you with valuable information to help your business thrive in today’s environment.

We’ll start by looking at the big picture on the first half day, including a holistic view of precision farming. Day two will focus more specifically on various topics ranging from the link between food manufacturing and Precision Ag to solving world hunger with ultra-high volume smart sensors. We will conclude day three with lateral industry information and an inspiring keynote session.

We’ve also built in quality time for networking and roundtables so you can continue the conversation well after the conference.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect for this event. Don’t miss this opportunity to understand the big picture that big data has to offer the industry.

Click here to learn more and see the full agenda.

Top 10 Reasons to Register For The PrecisionAg Vision Conference

prassackBy Lisa Prassack, President, Prassack Advisors

Over the last two years I have heard from the C-suite in agriculture, food, and investment that they seek to “Accelerate The Promise of Technology-Driven Ag and Food Production.” They requested we bring together global industry leaders––from both inside and outside of agriculture––to engage in the best-practice conversations that are a necessary exercise on road to innovation. This event is the beginning of this journey, and why I have been working as a special advisor with the team at PrecisionAg Media and Meister Media Worldwide on the inaugural PrecisionAg® Vision ConferenceSM.

So why am I excited to be in Phoenix next week?

Here are 10 highlights and insights I submit for your consideration.

  1. Cybersecurity. Worried? Scared? Listen to Dale Meyerrose’s every word to arm your organization against risk. As the former CIO of the Defense Intelligence Agency and now a recognized global speaker, he will educate us on how to respond to The Cybersecurity Threat in Agriculture.
  2. Crowdsourcing. Hear how Joe Byrum is tapping the best global brains through Smart Crowdsourcing of analytics and intelligence to solve the big challenges in agriculture and food.
  3. Internet of Things. A roundup from the farm, GE, and John Deere to learn what it means to really DO this thing called Bringing IoT to the Farm.
  4. Agriculture. Have you seen Ken Zuckerberg on video? Ken has a pragmatic, informed narrative on key adoption drivers and the criticality of collaborative innovation.
  5. Oil and Gas. How 80+ global companies, leveraging more than 40 data sources, turned GIS imagery into profits.
  6. Miniature Sensors. Sensor geeks, unite! See this “A Day in the Life” infographic to learn how new sensors are enabling IoT and networks to change our world – for the better.
  7. Big Data. Bill Schmarzo will make you an expert with The Big Data MBA. Impress your friends over cocktails!
  8. Food. Get x-ray vision through continuity of supply-chain data drivers and analytics to develop food systems that are FIT for the Future of Food. Looking forward to hearing from the companies leading the charge.
  9. Investing. Can we focus on farm and food supply-chain needs? (Dirty boots!) Are we connecting the whole value delivery chain? Please?
  10. Global. Take a world tour to Australia, Brazil, and Russia to hear what’s different and how they are solving it with data.

It’s not too late to register!

PrecisionAg Media To Host Inaugural Vision Conference In October

visionfeatureMobile technology, wireless communication, and increasing equipment and software compatibility has catapulted precision agriculture into the consciousness of every segment of agriculture, and created unprecedented interest and investment from outside traditional agriculture circles.

The need to understand the immense complexity and wide-ranging future potential for these technologies to transform agriculture from manufacturer to farmer is the focus of a new event being launched by PrecisionAg Media this fall. The inaugural PrecisionAg Vision Conference, “Accelerating The Promise Of Technology-Driven Agriculture,” will be held October 18-20, 2016 at the Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa in Phoenix, AZ.

“The Conference is the result of nearly a year of discussions with high-level managers from all agriculture market segments, and from outside organizations with a stake in the future of technology in agriculture,” explains Paul Schrimpf, Executive Editor of PrecisionAg Media and conference coordinator. “Precision technology will permeate agriculture at all levels, but how it happens, what technologies will emerge, and who will be the players are still very much in play. Creating an understanding of products, technologies, trends, and key players in the precision space will be the focus of a robust three-day agenda.”

Co-chairing the event will be two prominent agriculture experts, Lisa Prassack of Prassack Advisors in Boulder, CO, and Jim Budzynski, Principal at Macrogain Partners in Carmel, IN.

Anticipated attendance will draw from across agriculture, including ag retailers, precision consultants, manufacturers of equipment, seed, fertilizer and crop protection products, equipment dealers, government and Extension, trade associations, and financial and insurance institutions. Investors, venture capital firms and tech organizations that are engaged in or are exploring agriculture will also be in attendance.

Since 2014, PrecisionAg Media has hosted events designed to foster education and discussion about the current challenges and opportunities in the precision agriculture space under the PrecisionAg Innovation Series brand. More than 1000 attendees with a stake in the future of precision agriculture have attended one or more of these conferences. The PrecisionAg Vision Conference will be an annual event with a focus on longer-term trends and issues in ag technology.

More information, including regular updates, articles, and information about the PrecisionAg Vision Conference, will be featured online at www.thevisionconference.com. A sign-up for regular event updates delivered via email is also available.

PrecisionAg Event Offers A Deeper Dive Into Ag Technology

For about two decades now, through the good and the bad times, the ups and the downs inherent in agriculture, we’re proud to say that when it comes to precision agriculture, we’ve stayed the course.

Way back in what seems like ancient history today, with the dawning of the Internet age, publicly accessible global positioning, and rapidly improving microprocessors, we saw the potential that technology was going to have in agriculture — so much so, that we dedicated a brand called PrecisionAg to covering the products and trends in this fast evolving space.

A lot of media companies, not to mention manufacturers, gave up or put aside precision after the dot-com bust in the early 2000s, but we persevered. When automatic steering, high accuracy GPS, and cellular wireless connectivity emerged and began taking over the market, we were pleased to have been on the front lines. Patience does pay sometimes.

These days, the interest is best described as “off the hook.” We’re fielding phone calls from every direction almost every day, asking us where precision technology is headed into the future.

All this interest and activity has been both a blessing and a curse. A media company like ours, which has sat square in the middle of this market for so many years, thrives on the kinds of challenges, opportunities, and questions that have made gauging the future of ag technology so confounding. But the challenges are deep and real.

First, there have been many technologies that have rolled out well in advance of the farmer’s ability to create value from them. Drone use is a primary example, but I would add in variable-rate and variable-hybrid seeding and imagery technologies that are not used to their fullest potential.

We also have a nagging lack of compatibility across hardware and software. When you see what modern cellphones and mobile technology is capable of in making our everyday lives more connected, it becomes crystal clear how much technology value we are leaving on the table.

Finally, we’re seeing unprecedented interest and investment from outside of agriculture ­— big industries and mega-technology companies that see the potential in marrying their technologies and products to the needs of our agriculture.

With all this going on, and the genuine need for education and networking to facilitate technology understanding and use to move forward, we’re launching a new annual conference this fall. The PrecisionAg Vision Conference, October 18-20 in Phoenix, AZ, is designed to provide a place where ideas and concepts will intersect and cross pollinate.

Attendees will experience three days of presentations, networking, and learning, with a focus on how agriculture technology moves forward, and what other organizations and industries can contribute as agriculture finds its path forward.

For more information, visit www.thevisionconference.com or send an email to paul@precisionag.com.